And heartily welcome to Varanasi!

I am Ravi, a government authorised tour guide and enthusiastic tour host, born and raised in this beautiful city.

Welcoming the visitors and showing them Varanasi at it’s best is my absolute passion. I am determined to devote myself to you, having an enjoyable, heartwarming and insightful experience!

Showing you the broad spectrum of culture, religion, traditions and history as well as discovering the centre of spiritual hubs, fascinating ways of life and the essence of the holy city in most convenient and authentic way is my dedication which will ensure you wishing to return Varanasi again and again!

Ravi Sahni

North Heritage Walk Ancient Varanasi

Highlights tour 1

  • Visit main temples

  • Walk narrow streets and bazaars of the old city

  • Visit Cremation Ground

  • Gathering of pilgrims and rituals being practiced 

Duration 3-4 hours
Price 1600 INR

South Heritage Walk Interconnect with Vividness

Highlights tour 2

  • Walk along the holy Ganges and the beautiful Southern Ghats

  • Visit mysterious Stepwell and Ashram

  • See wrestling ground and local heritage

  • Oldest and attractive weaver localities in the city

Duration 3-4 hours
Price 1600 INR

City Sightseeing

Highlights tour 3

  • Banaras Hindu University and temple

  • Sankat Mochan Temple, and Goddess Durga Temple

  • Tulsi Manas Mandir

  • Walk along the main ghats and experience the evening ceremony (Aarti)

Duration 3-4 hours
Price 1600 INR

Sarnath Pilgrimage

Highlights tour 4

  • Chaukhandi Stoupa

  • Visit Sarnath Museum with personal guiding

  • Lord Buddha statue in sermon posture

  • Jain Temple, Sarangnath Temple ,Mahbodhi Temple / Mulghandha Kuti

Duration 4-5 hours
Price 2500 INR

Morning Boat Ride

Highlights tour 5

  • Sunrise over Holy river Ganges

  • Morning ceremony in honour of Sun and Holy River

  • Watch beautiful heritage and Ghats, including cremation ground 

  • Assembly of pilgrims and devotees performing rituals and worship

Duration 1,5 hours
Price 1000 INR

Evening Boat Ride

Highlights tour 6

  • Sunset over Holy river Ganges

  • Fire ritual prayer (aarti) to worship Holy River 

  • Cultural and religious activities of pilgrims

  • Experience the most rituals related to birth, life and death

Duration 1,5 hours
Price 1000 INR

Last Rites

Hindu religion has unique and complex holy rituals related to last rites. Varanasi is considered sacred for performing post death last rites among Hindus: Pind Daan, Asthi Visarjan and Shraddh Pooja.  It will be my honour to help you organise these important last rites with full dedication and respect. For more information about the services I can offer, please see page Ritual Services.

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Best Guide Service in Varanasi

Kunwar – India



“Magic Ravi! Such an amazing person, more than a guide and a specialist. He is also a great soul and a great human being.”

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“Ravi has stolen my heart in his genuine love for the holy city. He is kind and considerate, knowledgable and non invasive. I cannot reccomend him enough”

Joanie – UK


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