Welcome to the City of Light:
Varanasi “The immortal”

Varanasi is one of the most famous oldest inhabited cities of the world and boasts of being among the seven sacred cities, also known as Sapta Puries of ancient India. The city houses The Lord Vishwanath Temple or Golden Temple, one of the twelve “Jyotirlinga” which are the fiery pillars of light and adobe of supreme God “Shiva”. In Varanasi India ‘s holiest River Ganges confluences hence it is a sacred centre of Hindu pilgrimage and an immortal destination. 

Varanasi or Banaras, crowned in scriptures as “Kashi” derived it’s name from the word “kash”, meaning Brightness. Therfore it is called “The city of light”. It has been propagating Indian culture, philosophy, traditions and arts since time immemorial. Varanasi is cultural capital of India and one of most visited cities in North India.

“A city not just to visit and see, but to experience, immerse and feel!”

Meet your Guide and Host: Ravi Sahni

“I am a government authorised licensed Tour Guide from “The Department Of Tourism” Govt. of Uttar Pradesh INDIA. Graduated from prestigious university “Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidhyapeeth”. A tour host, storyteller true-Varanasian born and raised in the city of light!

At university I studied Hindi and English literature, history and cultural studies. My love and enthusiasm for this city and people inspired me to become a trained and Gov. approved Guide. During my study and experience as tour host I have learned all key elements of tourism, consciousness to culture and heritage preservation and sensitivity to host-guest relationships.

As my faith “Atithi Devo Bhava” literally means be one for whom the “Guest is God”, derived from ancient scriptures, I am passionately conducting dynamic host-guest relationships. I love to host the pilgrims and explore together city’s endearing essence.

You are warmly welcome to enjoy and explore with me the blissful ambiance in one of oldest inhabited city of the world!”


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