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Hindu religion has unique and complex holy rituals related to last rites. Pind Daan is one of the most important Hindu Last rites when a family member passes away. It is done for the departed souls to liberate them from attachment and the materialistic world to help them achieve Moksha, which is ultimate salvation. Varanasi is considered sacred for performing post death last rites among Hindus. It will be my honour to help you organise these important last rites with full dedication and respect.

Pind Daan (Post dead ritual)

Hindus perform a holy ritual known as Pind Daan when a family member passes away. This rituals is required, according to Hinduism, for the soul’s peace after leaving for the heavenly home.

According to Hindu text, Pind is circular in shape, like round balls, made from rice, barley and wheat flour and is utilized as an offering to the departed spirits in Pind Daan.

Types of Pind Daan :

  1. Pitra Dosha Nivaran: This ritual is required to perform to get rid of Pitra Dosha. In this ritual Tarpan, Aradhana, donating clothes, food to Brahmins and poor is involved.
  2. Kalsharpayoga Pooja: This ritual is performed for those who have Kalsharpa Dosha, suffer from financial losses and are devoid of prosperity and happiness in their family.
  3. Tripindi Shradh: This ritual is performed for the liberation of loved ones who have passed away unexpectedly.

Asthi Visarjan (Ashes Immersion Ritual)

After the funeral ritual, Asthi Visarjan is performed. This process continues after the last rites have been done. It is a very old Hindu ritual, following the right procedure as mentioned in sacred Hindu text. The ritual will be conducted by a qualified Brahmin so that their souls may achieve Moksha. 

Asthi Visarjan incorporates the collecting of the bones and ashes into any pottery or box. The act of immersing these leftover bones and ashes in a holy body of water, like the Ganges, is known as Asthi Visarjan. It is a graceful duty to our ancestors or departed loved ones, whose mortal remains are drenched or immersed into streams of holy Ganges. It is accepted that the stream of Holy Ganges has the ability to wash away all kind of mortal sins and can give Moksha to the spirit.

Accordingly to Hindu faith, any person who dies in Varanasi ( Kashi) achieve Moksha.

The Asthi Visarjan of any departed loved one’s or ancestors completed in Kashi gains the spirit liberation from the cycle of birth and resurrection. This makes Varanasi essential for the submersion of the last remaining parts or ashes of the dead into Holy River Ganges. Many individuals come to Varanasi during the final day(s) of their life to breath their last breath here and accomplish Moksha.

Significance of Asthi Visarjan Ritual :

  1. After the funeral, the mortal remains or ash bones of departed loved ones or ancestors are immersed by a family member in the stream of Holy Ganges. It helps the souls to ease their grief and facilitate the passage to their next destination.
  2. This mandatory rituals help the spirit to complete its evolutionary journey without any hurdles in order to achieve peace and ultimate salvation, Moksha.

Shraddh Pooja

Shraddh Pooja is a type of obligation that is carried out by the inheritor of the deceased loved ones or ancestors as described in ancient Vedas and Granthas. It can be very beneficial for the participants. The shraddha pooja is performed properly as it is outlined in the sacred Vedas. Following the ritual, all the difficulties and hurdles will be permanently decayed. Providing comfort to the departed loved ones or ancestors soul. 

The ritual is performed in supervision of a dedicated and authorised Brahmin (priest).

Significance of Shraddh Pooja :

  1. Inclusively Shraddh Pooja is a ritual to pay homage with reverence to express love and respect to our ancestors and departed loved ones. These rituals are performed with belief faith that after death the soul will be in a state of equilibrium and bad deeds or negativity will be erased.
  2. The sole purpose of these rituals are to express gratitude. Because the parents, ancestors or loved ones have given us this life. Raised, educated and protected us and even have made huge sacrifices to ensure our better lives. Therefore it is our duty to take care of our parents and ancestors as well as they live as when they die. We complete their cremation ceremonies and also conduct these kind of essential rituals to pay them homage and express our love and respect through these rituals in accordance to proper Vedic tradition mention in ancient sacred text.

What can I offer you :

  • I will provide you with an upfront, accurate estimate of the cost involved so that you can make your decision based on your budget.
  • I don’t ask outrageous fees since I don’t work for money but rather to serve you while you perform such rituals and prayer dedicated to your departed loved ones and ancestors.
  • I will assign only authorised, knowledgeable and most sincere Brahmin in order to complete the rituals procedure with all the right methods as mentioned in ancient Vedic text by well versed clergymen and in accordance to your desires and wishes.
  • Considering the languages, I assign priests based on languages ​​you understand such as Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, Bengali etc.
  • On Request I can arrange Pick up and Drop off at the Airport or Train Station Assistance.

Online Asthi Visarjan and Pind Daan by Postal Services / Web, Over Phone, Virtual

Additionally, I am responsibly happy to serve for those who do not have enough time to visit Varanasi but wish to perform “Pind Daan”, “Asthi Visarjan”, “Shraddh Pooja” Online for their ancestors and departed loved ones. 

If any individuals or devotes wish to perform “Pind Daan” “Asthi Visarjan” or “Shraddh Pooja” in Varanasi and somehow not able for him / her to visit Varanasi he / she can perform the mentioned rituals through online assistance over phone, web, video, recordings, images or best suited possible multimedia. 

Together with an assigned Brahmin (priest), I will be present to monitor, and connect over phone Video / call, or recordings due to conduction of particular rituals and prayer on devotes behalf.


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